Our Services

We provide a range of services to help authors promote their career in writing and publishing. We offer add-on and independent services in the following areas.

Manuscript Editing

We proofread and edit research papers, PhD thesis, book manuscripts of all disciplines.

We provide quality editing and proofreading services. We edit and proofread book manuscripts, essays, research papers, M. Phil/ Ph. D thesis papers, and academic curriculum to maintain high standard language in English. For editing, we comply with The Editor's Companion (University of Chicago Press) and The Chicago Manual of Style (University of Chicago Press). We edit science and technology papers in compliance with the APA Style Guide and Humanities papers as per MLA style guide.

We have edited research papers for research scholars from various colleges, universities and institutes of high repute both from India and abroad including IIT-Bombay, Bombay University, VIT-Pune, Andhra University, Delhi University (India), Madras University, Nagpur University (India), Pune University, University at Albany (New York) and many other universities.

Book Designing

We format and design books, design book covers, print and publish books with ISBN. We publish religious books ranging from the Bible, the Koran, the Ramayan, the Geeta, other mythologies.

We specialize in designing manuscripts both as softcopy and as hard copy. Designing manuscripts in softcopy will help you get the books printed anywhere you prefer.

We design manuscripts as hard copy and print and publish.

Book Cover Designing

We design book covers for books both in digital and print editions. Generally, all major self-publishing organizations accept one front page cover for digital edition. For print edition, the book cover should be both for front and back pages. Its resolution and size must also be different from that of the digital edition. We have designed book covers for various authors.

Digital Formatting

In recent time, there have come a lot of self-publishing organizations such as Amazon, CreateSpace, Lulu, and Smashwords etc. They help authors publish their books in no time and for free. However, everything does not come free. These self-publishing platforms require the manuscripts in certain formats. Unless you format in compliance with their  style guide, they would reject your book or even if your book is published, it will not be in good condition. This will impact marketing of the titles and mar the image of the authors.

We format the books and thesis papers in compliance with their style guide and convert the book into different ebook formats including .doc, .docx, .pdf, .epub, .mob, .azw, .hmtl, .ibook, .exe and other formats. We also guide the uathors which format they should use with which platforms.


We publish books in short and long run stocks. Print-on-Demand (PoD) is a way you publish your books in small stock.

PoD has several advantages:

  • Helps you to reduce the cost on your stock.
  • Helps you to bring out the books in short time.
  • Helps you control the price of the book against other self-publishing organizations like Amazon and others. 

Distribution and Marketing

In distribution and marketing, we follow a mixed method. Both of traditional publishing and self-publishing. We believe that publishing or printing a book is not the only thing that we as a publisher should limit ourselves to. We firmly believe that your book should reach to as wide readers as possible. Even if the books do not bring monetary gain, they should guarantee spread of your thoughts.

We have a strong database of more than 5000 libraries in India. We send the books to different libraries. We enlist books on online book stores including Amazon, Flipkart, and other market places. 

For enquiries, write to leafpress.ccm(at)gmail.com